Make Education a Priority

"Make Education a Priority" is a statement based on the belief that an attitude of "Priority" is vital if we are to protect the value and pursuit for quality public education. 

A sense of "priority" and responsibility must be shared between educators, the public, and our legislative leaders.  
With an attitude of respect, we can work together and find responsible solutions.  

        The Value of Education and the Pursuit for Quality Public Schools is a Shared Responsibility 

"Priority" Objectives   

Public Awareness:  Educate the Public - Discuss the Issues - Share Ownership  

Cultivate Support:  Encourage Discussions - Collaborate Issues - Share the Value of Education 

Accountability and Transparency
:  Celebrate Academic Accomplishments & Financial Efficiencies - Always Improve

Respectfully United:  Protect the Value of Education & the Pursuit for Quality Public Schools by Working Together

                 A Prosperous Society is Dependent upon an Educated Public - It's ours to Protect

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